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SHANNON ELIZABETH is a US actress turned conservationist, founding and running the international non-profit, the Shannon Elizabeth Foundation. With non-profit registrations in both the US and South Africa, the Foundation is committed to protecting endangered wildlife, with an intense focus on saving the rhinoceros.
Shannon recently launched One Woman’s Legacy, a scholarship fund and mentoring program that helps African women break through the glass ceiling and start a career in the biodiversity economy.
Shannon’s foundation also launched a endangered species sanctuary in 2022. The sanctuary was first developed to home a blind and critically endangered black rhino named Munu.
Munu has inspired the development of scientific research to better understand his black rhino subspecies and to play a crucial role in the protection of genetic diversity of the species. With a focus on community engagement, the future goal of the sanctuary is also extend habitat protection through the economic empowerment of impoverished communities in Southern Africa, blending traditional philanthropy with impact investment.
As an actress, Shannon first hit the big screen in 2001 with her portrayal of “Nadia” in American Pie.
She immediately realized that her platform was a gift that must be used to the very best of her abilities. So, she founded Animal Avengers, a dog/cat rescue organization in Los Angeles, California, saving countless animals and giving them everything they needed to find their forever homes. Shannon also starred in Scary Movie, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, 13 Ghosts, That 70’s Show, and Love Actually, to name a few.
In 2015, Shannon became aware of the poaching crisis in Africa and turned her focus to wildlife and conservation. By 2018 she had rebranded her charity and moved to South Africa to be closer to the issues and learn how she could make the most significant impact.
Now looking to combine her mission on the planet with her job, she has a strong focus on
impact entertainment as she launches this initiative with her first docuseries, “Munu—a Rhino Love Story.”
Today Shannon splits her time between the USA and South Africa, continuing to act, direct, produce, run her non-profit and do whatever she can to make this world a better place for all who inhabit it.
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