By Africans. For Africans. In Africa

September 2023 | Mauritius

The Africa Wealth Summit 

We take pride in welcoming our guests in the place that they call home and which they shape through their entrepreneurial and investment activity. 

Now going into its third edition as the only event of its kind, the Africa Wealth Summit is the bridge that connects single family offices, private investors and UHNWIs with each other.

Single family offices from the continent are granted access to deal flow and find support to become even more sophisticated investors. Our goal is to help Africa identify opportunities within the continent, overcome challenges in doing business, find new ways to manage wealth, learn from peers and experts and build sustainable networks. 

The idea is to move out of notorious hotel conference rooms and to create an atmosphere defined by exclusivity, intimacy and authenticity. A unique conference environment to do business.

This year we are honoured to welcome you to Morocco, the third country on our journey across the continent. Morocco, where the fairy tale of 1001 nights comes true is the north western gateway to the continent. Ease of doing business, political stability, high growth rates and strategic geographic location makes it an attractive partner for African businesses, investors and family offices, as well as those from overseas. By joining forces with the Marita Group we were able to attract additional, qualified, investors and grow our audiences exponentially with relevant participants. 

It’s all about partnership and collaboration, meeting on eye level and creating genuine win-win situations for everyone involved. 

All our events are physical events only, as we believe that no level of technological sophistication can replace a handshake – especially not in the family office world.

Note from the Founder, Organiser and Host

Several years of experience in working with family offices have taught me to be where investors and businesses are. It is in my very nature to go for opportunities that hold great potential but overlooked by others.

Africa is huge and exciting. Africa is up and coming. Africa is incredibly innovative and resourceful, even though not without its challenges. Many in my industry opt for the safe bets, the same-old, same-old and take their eyes off the big prize lying ahead of them.

In my personal humble opinion, no region promises faster transformation, greater opportunities and more exhilarating partnerships than Africa. And Africa, its people, family offices and investors need to be shown the opportunities and respect they deserve.  

I turned my talent and passion into my vocation – connecting people.

It is my respect and love for Africa and its people that led me to the decision to support family offices and businesses from the continent to connect to their peers while opening doors to those seeking partners and opportunities further afield.

To achieve all that, I am collaborating with strong local family office partners, delivering on our mantra: By Africans. For Africans. In Africa.

I am looking forward to welcoming you to the 4th Africa Wealth Summit in Mauritius.

Yours Sincerely,

David Grammig

As former Director for International Relations at a GCC-based single family office, over the years David has established, and continues to grow, valued connections with fellow family offices. David lives by the credo “no level of technological sophistication can replace a handshake” and this is no different when it comes to his family office networks.

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Who are the delegates?

Delegates are single family office principles, UHNWI’s, private investors and family business owners from the African continent and those who are outside but have a direct interest in or who actively invest on the continent

What is special about this event?

This event is an exclusive gathering of wealth owners from the African continent, hosted by a single family office. Both, the host and organiser, want to create a highly relevant experience for the families and take their concerns into consideration. Participating families have the opportunity to actively influence the agenda according to their individual interests. We specifically created a questionnaire that allows families to tell us what they want to learn about. This makes the event also highly attractive for sponsors as the agenda topics correspond with the families’ feedback.

What are the costs?

Single family offices, UHNWI’s, private investors and family business owners attend for free. To register please email: david@grammigadvisory.com. Individuals who do not fall into one of the above categories and wish to participate can acquire a delegate pass for EUR 2,900. To register or to request additional information please email: david@grammigadvisory.com

What is the event’s main language?

All panels and interviews are conducted in English. In order to overcome a possible language barrier we advise family office delegates to attend with a trusted advisor to translate if necessary.

Can I represent the family I work for?

CxO’s of single family offices or family businesses can attend. A person who fulfills an advisory role or is not a c-level executive can attend, given that the family the person represents has given their written consent that they wish to be represented by the individual.

Who is entitled to sponsor?

All industries and services are entitled to apply to sponsor, if the product or service is beneficial to the attending investors or if the sponsor presents an attractive investment opportunity to the attending investors. All applications to sponsor the Africa Wealth Summit are subject to availability, acceptance by the advisory board of the Host & Organiser and the Sponsor making full payment of the sponsorship fee.

Details about the attending investors?

As a host we deem it highly unprofessional, unethical and illegal to reveal any information concerning our guests. It is in the interest of all parties that the privacy of the attendees is protected. We will share neither names, contact details nor any other information about the attendees. Speakers and panelists will be announced on our website.

Pre-arranged meetings

We, as host and organiser, do not propose, organise or arrange meetings on behalf of third parties. Plenty of networking breaks (breakfast, 2 coffee breaks, lunch and post-event) offer the opportunity to engage with the investors.

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