Rea Stark

Rea Stark-Africa Wealth Summit


Rea Stark is an industrial designer, entrepreneur, and investor, who is best known for founding EV company Piëch Automotive and for his design workmade for some of the biggest brands worldwide.
Stark has worked as an industrial designer, with a focus on ergonomic design,for Sony, LG, Canon, and Nespresso, among others. His contributions have garnered various recognitions and Design Awards. He also founded a Zurich-based design studio, Stark & Cie. SA.
In 2020, Stark founded Quantum Group SA, a Switzerland-based holding company that creates and revives portfolio brands in diverse industries, from future technologies to luxury brands. The company is working towards the goal of creating a new type of multi-brand platform.
He also invests in new ventures through his family office.
In 2016, Stark co-founded Piëch Automotive in Zurich. The business launched the Piëch GT – then GT Mark Zero – leading to the car winning awards for its design. The electric sports car was designed with a transformative modular concept, which allows for software and hardware components to be updated,
creating a timeless vehicle.