HE Andry Raharinomena


Andry Raharinomena has served as the Ambassador of the Republic of Madagascar at the St James’ Court in London. Before that, he has been a senior government official with a proven track record of success and extensive responsibility for relations with development partners and international resources mobilisation, during a period of political complexity.

Andry has a high-level expertise in international resources mobilization and investments management as well as International Relations and Diplomacy.

When serving as Acting Secretary General and Director General for Economic and International Affairs at the Foreign Ministry, Andry has been actively involved in furthering Madagascar’s diplomatic, economic and political interests and agendas at the international level. From this high level and strategic position, he has acquired first-hand knowledge and experience of multifaceted issues of international relations and diplomacy.

Andry graduated with a Master of Science (MSc.) in International Development from the University of Manchester and was a PhD researcher in Politics and Development Policy at the Effective States and Inclusive Development research Centre of the University of Manchester. Also, he has strengthened his knowledge and skills through Executive Education on Public Financial Management at Harvard University as well as on Extractive Resources Governance at Oxford University.