Erwan Camphuis

Erwan Camphuis-Africa Wealth Summit


Mr. Erwan Camphuis holds a B.A. in Business & Administration from the University of Hull (UK), a Licence in Management from ESA-Paris (FR) and a Bachelor of Commerce from the UIBE school in Beijing (PRC). 

He partakes a vast multi-cultural and multi-country experience, having started his career in China in 1993 in government funded industrial project financing. He, then worked for over 10 years in the retail sector developing brands and successful international retail groups in more than 60 counties. 

Mr. Camphuis and his partner Mr. Olivier Sohaing are continuing the African business development legacy started in 1950 by their own fathers through  OSEC Holding, a family office based in Mauritius. OSEC Holding is a private investment vehicle, which engages in entrepreneurial and development projects in the CEMAC region (Central Africa) and the rest of the African continent focusing on real estate and hospitality, agriculture and healthcare.