Aysha Tegally

Aysha Tegally-Africa Wealth Summit


Aysha Tegally is an angel investor, consultant and business coach with over 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship and early-stage investments. She has been instrumental in shaping entrepreneurship initiatives in both the UK and Africa, working closely with prominent public, private, and multilateral organisations.

As a trainer and coach, Aysha has impacted entrepreneurs, guiding them in building and expanding their ventures while facilitating access to vital capital and investment.  Currently, Aysha holds the position of Director at AWI (Advancing Women in Investing), a network dedicated to providing support tot enable growth for female investment vehicle managers in emerging markets. Here, she focuses on providing essential training and resources to bolster the network. She is also actively involved in designing an innovative investment vehicle to enable female investment vehicle managers building their track record. Beyond her role at AWI, Aysha lends her expertise to advise investment firms and family offices on investing in Africa and incorporating a gender-focused approach, she is currently Director of Client Coverage at Vaternfields Family Office.

Notably, Aysha recently spearheaded the development of a specialised fund for CSI Energy, encompassing the formulation of investment theses and governance structures. Prior to this, she founded and led Future Females Invest (FFI) and FFI Angels, instrumental initiatives that empowered African female founders to become investment-ready and facilitated the creation of an angel network, enabling more women to deploy capital.